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EnJOY Being YOU! Women's Event Speaker

Inspiration and advice for women to help them reveal their inner beauty with confidence, grace and style; look amazing no matter their shape, coloring or personality; and be comfortable with their own uniqueness. Lots of practical information about how to dress and accessorize, save money, eliminate fashion mistakes and make a good first impression will be included.

This is appropriate for retreats, fundraisers, women's events, corporate events, and workshops. It can be faith-based or secular.

EnJOY Being You! Style Parties

Geared toward small groups of 4 - 10 ladies who want to have fun learning how to choose figure-flattering, budget-friendly clothing and accessories in colors and styles that enhance their natural beauty. Each guest will receive a personal color, body type and style analysis. Lots of practical tips, suggestions, and hand-outs will be included. Color swatches will be available for purchase.

This would be an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours with girlfriends or family and gain some valuable information as well!

EnJOY Being You! Personal Style Analysis

Discover what clothing styles are best for your body shape; what colors to wear for your unique hair, eye and skin color; and how to choose accessories for your outfit. You will receive your own set of color swatches to use as a reference when you shop!

This will not only help you save time and money, but you will never again say "I have nothing to wear!"

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