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My name is Joy VanZuiden. I am a certified Christian Image Consultant and speaker whose passion is to inspire women to see themselves as unique and beautiful.

I have been an educator for many years and would love to teach you how to dress so you will:

  • reflect your inner beauty on the outside
  • have confidence in your own unique design
  • simply enJOY being you!

I offer many fun, practical style tricks, techniques, and tips to help you look your best-all based on your color, body type, and personal style. My services include:

EnJOY Being You! Speaker for Women's Events

Inspiration and advice to help women learn how to look their best, how to be beautiful inside and out, and how to be happy with the way God designed them.

EnJOY Being You! Girls' Night Out Style 

Color, body type, and style analysis for a small group of girlfriends who want to have fun learning what to wear and how to wear it.

EnJOY Being You! Personal Style Analysis

One-on-one color, body type, and personality analysis which will help women choose clothing and accessories that are perfect for them.


"I'm so glad I came to your session - it was uplifting and encouraging to my self-esteem." - Sally

"Lovely job with the presentation!" - Jeanne

"You were funny and kind...thank you for sharing." - Anonymous

"Very interesting...I learned a lot!" - Kathy

I have been trained by fashion expert, speaker, and author, Shari Braendel, of "Style By Color". at Fashion Meets Faith.  I serve on her ministry team as part of the Style Squad. I also serve as a Women Matter Initiative consultant.

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